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kalashnick The Group of Companies "EXPO" includes a number of active enterprises, including construction and investment businesses, logistics, as well as financial, legal and medical service providers. 
Director and owner of the holding - Igor Kalashnik, Honored Builder of Ukraine, Doctor of Philosophy in the sector of the economy, from 1994 to 2010 the deputy of Cherkassy city council, the chairman of the Budget Committee of Cherkassy City Council.

"EXPO" Group of Companies dates its history from 1992 when the first business structures were created to implement the socio-economic programs of the Ukrainian Union of Afghanistan War  Veterans.

During this time the following facilities were built in Cherkasy and Cherkasy Region:


• the first dialysis clinic in Ukraine under the leading German company "Fresenius Medical Care";

• dozens of apartment buildings in "Mytnitsa" neighborhood and South-West district (about 1,500 apartments, more than 600 of which were provided to veterans of Afghanistan War);

• private homes for Afghanistan War veterans in the Smela, Zolotonosha, Korsun-Shevchenkovskiy, and Uman;

• St. Andrew's Cathedral of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) in "Mytnitsa" neighborhood;

• youth residential complex on Gagarin Street;

• school No. 31 in South-West district and school No. 29 in "Dahnovka" neighborhood, beginning of construction of the gym in school No. 18;

• discount pharmacy on 77 Gagarina Street serving veterans at reduced prices;

• reconstruction of two blocksof radiological department of the regional oncologic dispensary, and of the department of city children’s hospital;

• reconstruction of milk processing factory buildings in Cherkassy;

• network of gas stations;

• plant for production of front lining bricks and tile based on hyperpressing technology. 


 "EXPO" Group of Companies played an important role in the implementation of housing programs for military personnel of Ukrainian originand Afghanistan War veterans, who expressed their wish to continue military service in Ukraine after withdrawal of Soviet troops from Germany. With the friendly support of brothers in arms – the Command of the Soviet Army Group in Germany – we built modern housing for 400 families of military personnel using the funds allocated by Germany to the Russian Federation program of withdrawal of German Army Group troops.